Oscar Awards 2024, may see Dunki from India

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Oscar Awards 2024

Oscar Awards 2024: ‘Dunki’ has turned into one of the most successful movies of 2023. Naturally, similar to “Pathan Aur Jawan,” Shahrukh Khan’s film did not have much commercial success, but it was a huge hit with viewers. It is also ruling the box office as a result. Meanwhile, there’s some exciting news regarding this Rajkumar Hirani flick. The “Dunki” creators are reportedly working on something unique for the 2024 Oscar Awards.

Oscar Awards 2024
Oscar Awards 2024

“Dunki” may be a candidate for an Oscar

A significant update on “Dunki,” which has made over 220 crores at the Indian box office, is now available. As to the report by Box Office Worldwide, the makers of “Dunki” have the option to submit their film as the official entry from India for the 96th Academy Awards. However, this issue cannot yet be officially confirmed.

The audience in theaters has been captured by “Dunki”‘s captivating plot, which is full of humor and heart. The narrative of an illegal immigrant is masterfully captured in Shah Rukh Khan’s “Dunki”.

Even before, SRK’s films gone for the Oscars

Oscar Awards 2024
Oscar Awards 2024

This won’t be the first time Shah Rukh Khan’s film has been nominated for the world’s most prestigious film honors if it makes it to the Oscars. Paheli and Swadesh, two of King Khan’s earlier films, were also nominated for Academy Awards, however, neither of these films was a commercial hit.

Oscar Awards 2024: Find out when the Oscars will begin

The Oscar Awards in 2024 are scheduled to take place on March 11. The announcement of the nominee for this is scheduled for January 23. Let us inform you that the song “Nattu-Nattu” from “RRR” won Best Original Song at the last year’s Academy Awards.

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